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relax pro La movers will do the job


check your movingYou should separate those items you are taking with you and those items the movers will take. Items you have to take with you are jewelry and important documents.

Make sure you haven't missed anything in the house including minor repairs

Mark the boxes with the labels: "Fragile", "Do Not Load" and "Load Last" stickers.

Empty, defrost and clean your refrigerator, freezer and clean your stove all at least 24 hours before moving.

Prepare items you will need while your goods are in transit. Pack your suitcases and confirm travel arrangements for you and your family. Try to keep plans as flexible as possible in the event of unexpected delays or schedule changes.

Make sure your movers know the phone number to reach you.

Arrange for payment to your Movers. Contact your moving specialist to confirm method of payment.

Verify the level of valuation coverage you have chosen to protect your inventory with your relocation consultant.

Settle any outstanding bills with local merchants.

Return videos and other rentals prior the move.

Collect keys, alarm codes, garage door openers to hand them over to the new owner or real estate agent.

Notify the police if your old home will be unoccupied.

Disconnect and disassemble your electronics and computer system.