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moving to the beach

5-6 weeks before the move

Visit your local Post Office to get a Change of Address form. You can also do so online at the postal service website by visiting Post Office website. Make copies of this change of address form to give to the people and businesses such as: Friends and family, Banks,  Insurance companies, Credit card companies, Doctors, dentists and any other service providers, Magazine and Newspaper subscriptions.

Take a look at what you own, and decide what must go and what can be left behind, such as old books, magazines, broken items and old toys.

Organize your move by making a list of what items you will not move, what items we will ship and what items you will take yourself.

Decide on who will do most of the packing. It is a good idea that you let the movers do most of the packing. Movers know the best methods for keeping items safe and secure.

If you do all the packing please check out our packing guide. Ask your moving specialist for details about handling unusual and delicate items and begin preparing those items that are not frequently used.

Contact your phone, gas, electric, cable TV and trash collection providers at new and old locations with your moving date to make arrangements for connection, disconnection and disposal.

Complete banking arrangements in old and new location and transfer any funds to your new bank if necessary.

If you are moving interstate, check requirements for new driver’s license and auto registration in the state of your destination.