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7-9 weeks before the move

Organization is the key for a easy move and this is the time to begin working on the details of your relocation.

Time to decide what items you wish to take to your new house and what you may want to leave behind. If you decide to dispose of items that you don’t need you should either sell or donate them to a charity. Find a local charity or pick a date at least three weeks before the moving.

Start gathering suitable moving and packing supplies if you plan to do your own packing. You can purchase all these materials from a local hardware store.

Think about your new home and start thinking where you want place the furniture. Create a plan of your new house and this will help reduce the stress of having to make sudden and hasty decisions when your furniture arrives at your new house.

Get to know your new neighbors. You may want to request information from the local Chamber of Commerce on schools, community programs, parks and recreation facilities, and begin reading the local newspaper and periodicals to learn about your new community.

All travel arrangements for your family should be made at this time. Try to keep your plan as flexible as possible to accommodate any schedule changes or delays.

Keep all receipts for moving related expenses in a designated moving folder. Many moving expenses are tax deductible. Obtain an IRS Change of Address form, Form 8822, you will be able to download and print form 8822 and most other IRS tax forms; e.g., Form 3903 to help deduct moving expenses.

Call your insurance agent to transfer medical, property, fire and auto insurance.

All medical records should be placed in a safe and accessible place.

Take all important documents and other monetarily and sentimentally valuable items jewelry, coin collection, photos etc. with you. Place the items in one easily identifiable and easy to locate folder or marked contained.

Return all the things you have borrowed from your friends or relatives.

Notify schools in the old and new location and arrange for the transfer of school records to begin the process of registering your kids in their new schools.