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Packing Service

We offer complete packing services. Our movers and packers will protect your items with cardboard cartons, moving blankets and wardrobe boxes.Some of our customers prefer to do their own packing before the move. In most cases, however, our customers are too busy, unable to pack, or just don't want to do it, so they hire us to provide packing services.

If you want to prepare for the move yourself, with the help of your family and friends, you need to remember to pack your belongings very carefully. You need to buy the following materials before you start packing: Moving boxes, strong tape, tissue paper, bubble wrap, permanent markers and wardrobe boxes.

When you are ready, make sure to start packing stuff you will not need right after the move, perhaps you should start with your garage. Most of the items there will be already in the boxes and will not take long time to get ready for moving. It is a good idea to stay organized and pack one room after another. Once you are finished packing a room, sort the moving boxes by the size and weight. It will help your movers to load the truck a lot faster, which will save you time and money.

Moving Boxes

Don't let the bottom fall off under your belongings; keep them safe and sound with moving boxes. When you start to think about relocating, it is important that you choose the correct moving boxes, supplies, and packing methods. Just any box may not be strong enough to withstand the stresses of moving. Tailored moving boxes give your items the support and protection they need while in transit. They are a simple, convenient solution to getting the perfect boxes for your relocation. Getting the right size and design of boxes is extremely important to ensure your item's integrity. offers several different sizes and shapes of moving boxes perfect for a variety of items.

First, there are our book boxes that are perfect for books, CDs, and small objects. We also have china moving boxes that are used for packing dishware, glasses and other breakable items. These boxes are double corrugated and give extra vertical strength to protect your fragile items inside from top to bottom. Next, our linen moving boxes are slightly larger than the book boxes and are great for all purposes, especially for packing your assorted linens and keep your good clothing from getting wrinkled in one of our wardrobe moving boxes which stand up vertically and come with a short pole for hanging. You can also protect your important documents with a file box, complete with a punch-out handle.

When moving, use our picture and mirror box to keep these fragile items safe in this small, compact, strong, and supportive box. We also offer a lamp box which fits most standard sized lamps. Having the right size box keeps your items from moving around during transportation. Pick the right moving boxes, the right supplies, and the right tips from for the perfect fit for your relocation.