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los angeles storage and moving
storage la movers and movingstore your belonings safefree storage for a month for every moving customer


We at Los Angeles Movers Inc. Org offer our clients long term storage and short term storage services. Our storage facility is always kept clean and secured.

If you won't require constant access to the belongings in the storage, will be the best solution for you. We take good care of your possessions, while your shipment is stored with us, your furniture will be kept wrapped in protective furniture blankets. Companies that offer self storage service will not provide you with furniture protection materials.

We can't provide you with any time access to your goods in our storage facility. If you are looking for a self storage with regular access, give us a call we will be glad to recommend you a reliable and convenient self storage company near you.

Life in Los Angeles demands Los Angeles style moving and storage. Our service includes short and long term, furniture, document, fine art, and wine storage. Some items require specific conditions to maintain their integrity and Los Angeles experts are trained to know exactly what these conditions are for just about any item you want to store. All facilities are climate controlled and fully monitored three hundred sixty five days a year. We also offer Inventory Management which provides clients with full-service inventory storage and management solutions. We employ state-of-the-art technologies that will record, track, and keep all of your belongings from desk chairs to important financial documents safe and accounted for. Keep your items protected against environmental conditions like moisture and temperature while having them easily accessible. Quick retrieval of your belongings keeps them out of site but at an arm’s reach. Any time you decide to withdraw your possessions from our storage, simply give us a call and we will deliver everything to your door steps.

If you need a secure place to store your belongings during your relocation or if you are not sure where you are moving to and need some time or if you have an overload of materials Los Angeles Movers Inc. Org offers customized moving storage facilities to fit your or your specific storage needs. Whether you require a place to keep your belongings while moving or a place to store your overload, Los Angeles Movers Inc. is the place to go for. Those moving in Los Angeles often come across obstacles unique to city living. For example, they find that their new apartment can’t hold all of their belongings or experience gaps in leases. No one wants to move unnecessary furniture or seasonal clothing into a temporary apartment. Los Angeles Movers Inc. offers you freedom to move and to live according to your schedule.

Los Angeles Movers Inc. Org is one of the most trusted names in Los Angeles moving and our reliability carries over to our professional storage maintenance. Moving and storage should happen according to your schedule and your needs and Los Angeles Movers Inc. can make that happen.