Antiques and Special Transportation

When moving consultant visits you for the onsite estimate, show him items that require extra care; such as fragile porcelains, family heirlooms and valuable antiques. Let your pro movers do the packing of your extra valuable items; pro movers undergo special training to ensure safety of your antique. Do not attempt to pack them yourself. Your movers are very experienced when it comes to preparing your items for shipping and can give you necessary instructions on what you need to do before the move.

Items you need to move on your own

We strongly recommend that you arrange the transportation of the following items yourself instead of shipping them in the moving truck:
Fine jewelry (gold, platinum, diamonds)
Rare coins, foreign and domestic currency, stocks, bonds, government notes
Important papers, deeds, titles, bank statements, tax paperwork etc.
Prescriptions and medical records

Antiques transportation

Pro movers take utmost care when it comes to valuable and rare antiques. You may want to supervise yourmovers during packing stage, here’s what you need to know:
You can have your antiques boxed and crated instead of simply wrapped. Pro Movers usually uses wooden crates for delicate pieces such as crystal chandeliers and antiques.
Your movers can built a custom crate around certain piece of antique to ensure proper fit and maximum protection.
Antiques should be stored in thick carton boxes with padding, secured with bubble wrap and decked in the truck with plenty of space.
Make sure your movers secure loose parts of your furniture and removable pieces before packing.
Movers should secure doors with rubber straps or strings to make sure walls and doors won’t get scratched during your relocation.
Glass panels or mirrors should be removed or secured with padding and stretch wrap by your movers and packers.
Your movers will place any hardware, attachments or components in plastic bags or boxes and labeled.

Moving Collectibles

We always recommend you to pack antiques and collectibles in their original packages, if available. If these are not available, your movers can pack the collectibles in boxes and bubble wrap them.

Things to remember when packing your valuables:
Pack items like coins, stamps, porcelain etc. and take them with you in the car or on the plane.
Delicate China and crystal must be individually wrapped in fine paper and bubble wrap and placed in specially designed compartment containers.
Pack dolls, figurines, and sculptures separately in individual boxes, items like that are very fragile. If necessary, use double-walled cartons.
Let your movers do the packing of wine or other perishable collections. Special arrangements will be required to insure the utmost care during the move.
Label all boxes containing glassware and breakables with "Fragile".
Prepare a list of all antiques and collectables you are shipping for your homeowner's and moving insurance policy.


You need to complete the Statement of Customer Responsibilities and High Value Inventory form provided by your movers, before transportation of your valuables.
List all belongings of high-value that are to be moved by your moving company including: jewelry, coins, stamps and other collections; antiques; precious stones and metals; and valuable paintings.
When transporting jewelry, coins, stamps, etc., it's important to remember that your movers will not be liable for these items in the event they get damaged.
The movers and operators must see each item of high-value before moving it onto the truck, including cartons you have packed yourself.
Use your Customer Responsibilities form and the supplied Customer Check-Off Sheet at time of delivery as inventory lists. Check off each piece/box as it is unloaded and record anything missing or damaged.

Moving Coverage

Contact your homeowner's insurance company to figure out what coverage you may need for your move.
Find out:
If your homeowner's policy applies while the shipment is in transit.
If it applies during loading and unloading.
If your policy protects from fire and theft. If it protects from dents, scratches and missing pieces.
Movers make every effort to handle your possessions with care. However, sometimes a few items may be lost or broken.
Movers usually offer two levels of liability protection. Basic liability provides coverage at 60¢ per pound per article free of charge. For optimal coverage use Full Value Protection (FVP) which replaces items at the current market value. FVP cost varies with the level of protection you need. For more information on coverage options, ask your movers for insurance contract and disclosure.