Preparing Your Computer For The Move

Your personal computer is the most valuable and important piece of equipment you have in your house. Even if the cost of the computer itself isn’t very high, the information you store on your computer is a lot more valuable than the price tag of the equipment. You use your computer to store and process your personal info, financial info, budgets, plans, photos, videos etc. If anything should happen to your computer during the move, some of the lost info you have on it may be simply irreplaceable.

Just like hackers can crack your computer open through the internet and do some serious damage to your financial life, damages to your computer during relocation could be just as harmful to you. Even though there are plenty of ways to backup the files on your computer, not everyone considers it necessary.

moving and packing computerIf you take your time to prepare your computer for the move, you will be able to protect your personal and financial info and enjoy your computer for many years to come. If you have a very expensive brand new computer, you may want to consider getting additional protection for your computer. You will be asked to provide sales receipts for computer itself and accessories. However, in many cases the value of the computer isn’t as important as the information you’ve accumulated on the hard drive. With proper packing you will not need additional insurance on it.

You may request for your movers to do the proper packing of your computer and accessories, they are qualified to do the packing job of electronics such as computers, printers, fax machines etc.

If you are planning on packing your equipment yourself, make sure to use the original retail box it came from and plenty of packing materials.

Before you start packing your computer, make sure to disconnect all the wires from the back of the desktop. Sockets may be very easily damaged if you leave any cables hooked up. Make sure to label and wrap individually every cable and accessory, then put everything in one box and wrtie “fragile” on top of it, so movers know the box should be handled with extra care. In case if you don’t have original retail packaging for your desktop, laptop or monitor make sure to choose strong moving box of the right size. If you use the box that’s too big for your computer or monitor make sure to wrap your desktop in several layers of bubble wrap and put plenty of moving peanuts inside the box to provide additional cushion.

If you have an option to take the computer with you, make sure to do so. It won’t take a lot of space in your car, but could save you many unnecessary problems. Even though, professional movers will take good care of your belongings, it’s always better to keep important information and equipment with you at all times.

Make sure to take all the discs with software and backed up files with you on the plane or in the car. If you are packing a printer for a long distance move you have to take the ink cartridge out and store it separately sealed in plastic. If you are moving during summer, the temperature inside the truck could reach 100-120 degrees and a cartridge left inside the printer will leak and ruin the printer.

Make sure to use as much bubble wrap and moving moving and packing monitorpeanuts as possible when packing your flat screen monitor. It is very sensitive to vibration and can be easily cracked, especially the middle of the screen. Use extra cushion in the corners of the box that you are planning to use for your monitor. If the box will be dropped on the corner anytime during loading or transportation your monitor will be destroyed. Upon arrival at your final destination make sure that all of the computer components are intact. If you see any physical damage report it to your moving coordinator immediately. Do not attempt to reconnect or turn on the computer if you see any visible damage. If everything looks ok, let your computer stay in the room for a few hours before using it. If anytime during transportation your equipment went through rough temperature, it may not be safe to turn it on right away, let it reach room temperature first.