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Moving Day

Be ready when the movers arrive. If you are not able to be present while the movers are there, designate a close and trusted friend or family member to help out and make decisions in your absence.

Give back keys, alarm codes and garage door remote controls to the owner or real estate agent.

Give your new phone number and all other phone numbers where you can be reached while shipment is in transit.

Provide the driver with clear directions to your new home.

Review all paper work when movers arrive. Escort the foreman as he inspects each piece of furniture with tags of identifying numbers.

Stay home until the last item is packed and loaded. Make a final inspection before the crew leaves.

Clean your house before the moving van arrives.

During Long Distance moves, the driver will contact you or the destination agent at least 24 hours prior to expected arrival time, to allow enough time to locate you and begin preparation for unloading.

You can tell the movers where to place your furniture and appliances. Make yourself available for the movers for instructions on where to place your furniture while unloading.

If you cannot be at your home while the truck is being unloaded, be sure to authorize a trusted person  to accept delivery and pay the charges for you, and inform movers.

By signing the inventory sheet, you are acknowledging the receipt of all items listed. Document any loss or damage on the inventory sheet and report this to the van line agent. You will also be asked to sign the bill of lading and pack/unpack certificate.

Have a baby sitter for your kids during the loading and unloading process.

Lock your pets in a room where they will not be in the way of the loading and unloading process.

If you wish to have your goods unpacked you need to order this service in advance.

Any remaining payment due is required upon delivery in cash or credit card. Personal checks are never accepted.

Verify that all utilities have been disconnected in your old home and connected in your new home. Have your phone connected a day before move-in day.