how to move hot tob

Hot Tub Relocation

You have invested time and money in your hot tub to create comfort and joy in your home, now that you are moving, you need to be very careful moving your hot tub, to make sure it will serve you for many years to come. Ask your movers to help you with planning and preparation of your hot tub if you have never disassembled it before. One of the most important things you should do before you attempt to prepare your tub for the move is to read the instruction manual.
Hot tubs are usually very large and bulky, so make sure to let your moving coordinator know that you will be moving your tub as well. Your movers will need to plan accordingly, because the tub will take up a lot of space in the truck. Also keep in mind that your moving bill will be substantially higher.
It is very important for you to select a proper insurance for your tub. Professional movers shouldn’t have any problems moving your tub without damaging it, however accidents happen. If you don’t have your receipt for the tub when you purchased it, you should get the current market price for the same model. The cost of your tub is very important for insurance company, they won’t be able to provide your tub with proper protection plan if you don’t know how much it costs.

How to prepare your tub before the move:

There’re hundreds of different models of hot tubs and they are all different. One may be very easy to disassemble another one may be mounted in concrete on your back yard.
Whatever the case may be, you should contact your local dealer or manufacturer to get some help. There’re also companies that specialize in installing and servicing hot tubs and pools, if you are not sure what to do, call for professional help. It’s always better to pay a little extra, than to damage your tub beyond repair and lose a lot more money. Every tub has the equipment pack that has to be serviced before your relocation. It usual consists of the heater, filter(s), pump, blower, and electrical and plumbing units. It isn’t very easy to take apart, but has to be done at least a few days prior to your move. Your instruction manual for the tub recommends removing the equipment pack, cleaning and draining it and packing it in a strong moving box. Make sure the tub is drained and dry one or two days before your relocation. You will notice that even after you’ve drained your tub, some of the water will still be in the tub, make sure to remove all the water to protect the tub itself and the rest of your belongings.
Keep in mind that if you are moving from southern state to northern during winter, the entire plumbing system inside the tub has to be drained and cleaned, if the water freezes inside the tub, the plumbing structure will be destroyed. You should never do the draining of the system yourself; it has to be drained by high-pressure vacuum by the qualified technician.

Final destination:

When your movers arrive at your new house, they will gladly help you to place the tub anywhere you want, however, they are not certified to assemble it for you. If you are not sure whether you can do it yourself or not, you should call your local service company to schedule an appointment with qualified technician. If you plan every aspect of your move very carefully and thoroughly your favorite hot tub will arrive at your new house safe and sound and you will be able to enjoy it over and over again for many years.