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moving insurance and property protection

Moving Insurance

This type of insurance provides coverage for household as well as office goods while in transit or in a storage facility with approved moving carriers in the US and Canada, as well as around the world. Insurance companies provide the most convenient, informative, and innovative relocation resource for individuals and families worldwide. You can visit a website of insurance company to purchase moving insurance.

Commercial and Business Insurance

This type of insurance is offered for businesses and commercial entities to protect their facilities, equipment, fleets, customers and employees.

Personal Insurance

This line of coverage provides insurance to individuals or families for their personal, home and automobile needs. According to a recent building industry survey, nearly two-thirds of homes are insured for less than their full value. Many standard homeowners and auto insurance policies may not include enough coverage to protect you from law suits of $1 million or more.

Logistics Insurance

moving insurance questionsLogistics insurance provides coverage for non-household goods or commercial and industrial commodities while being shipped and stored domestically or overseas, via air, sea, or land. Due to the complexity and variety of commodities involved, applications are first reviewed by agents and underwriters, resulting in a response with a specific quote. Quotes can be obtained for an all risk or total loss only types of insurance, as well as for a single shipment or a recurring shipping activity.