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Teens usually have the most difficult time when moving. They made strong friendship relations and spent most of their free time with their friends and will be very upset to move away from this sense of security. Teenagers are going through a difficult time already with their bodies changing and their emotions in turmoil. Teenagers focus on the emotion of moving which to them is basically losing their friends so be gentle with them.

Explain to them why you are moving and what the benefits are to the family.

Keep them involved in the move. Ask them to do some research about your new city and report their findings back to you. This will help them feel involved and also help them look forward to seeing the new city and all the things they have found out about it during the research.

Make time for your teens. No matter how stressful the move is for you make time for them.

Difficult as it may be, encourage your children to say goodbye to their friends.

If you have a choice on when to move, work with your teen on when is the best time to move.

Remind your teens to get phone numbers and email addresses of friends so they can keep in touch with their old friends after you move.

After you have moved and settled in, plan a trip back to your old city or bring some of your kid’s old friends to stay with you on weekends.

Younger Children

teenage movingFor very young kids the home is their world. It is the family and home belongings in the house rather than the actual structure of the house. The change in routine may be the most stressful thing with little ones and you will need to assure them that they are moving with you. Little kids focus on loss of routine and familiar items rather than on loss of friends.
Take them to the new home before the actual move so they can get used to the new house and let them pick their rooms.

Let them pack up a box of their own stuff even if you need to repack it.

Tell them they can pick the color for their new room.

Reassure them that they are moving with you.

Little kids can be very insecure and this can be seen in times of stress like moving.

Keep them involved give them a specific duty related to the move, like watch after your dog or a cat.

Tell them that everything will work out well and keep up with that positive attitude.