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Keep family involved

As the moving date gets closer be sure that the entire family is included in progress so nobody feels left out. Keep everyone informed on plans and tasks and any activities associated with the move. It is good to allow the children to be involved in some of the decision making. You should consider taking them with you on house hunting trips at your new location if time and finances permit.
If you are moving to another city get as much information about the new city as you can. If the city is not too far away you can take a family trip to get to know your new home. Visit local parks and museums or any other local attractions. Take a ride by your new workplace to show your family so they will begin to feel more comfortable about moving.

Best time to move

moving dateThis has been a debated topic with people very different on their opinions. Here are a few things to consider as you work on making a decision. If you have a choice on when to move you can consider moving during the school term or you can decide to move during the holidays.
Moving during holidays has the advantage that the children are out of school anyway and their studies will not be interrupted. Your child will also start the new term with other new kids and will not be considered the new kid. The advantage of moving during school term is that your children will be in school and can make new friends quickly and they may not have as much opportunity to make new friends if you move during the holidays. The other major advantage of moving during the school year is that your children will have a routine established quickly and this has been known to be helpful to children in adapting to a new location.