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Moving pets

moving with your petsWhat to put in the travel’s bag of your beloved pet

Food and water




Grooming brush

Cleaner and paper towel

Medication your pets needs

ID Tags

moving pats cats and dogsThe state you are moving to will have different laws in regards to animal. It is necessary for you understand the requirements so that you stay incompliance. Do your own research to find out what exactly these regulations are and what to expect. Your pets may need an entry permit in order to enter the state. Many towns and cities limit the number of pets per household. There’s also a limit of time you have in order to obtain a local license. You will most likely have to have a health certificate for your pet for inspectors.
A health certificate is valid for 10 days so be sure to have the inspection scheduled just before the move. A complete physical examination is conducted on your pet and the veterinarian checks that all inoculations have been administered especially the rabies vaccination.