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Moving Plants

moving plantsIt is important to pack plants carefully because they are not insured. Show the moving company all of your plants because they take up a lot of space in a truck and the mover needs to know this upfront. Before shipping your goods via air freight it is important to contact the airline carrier to understand what plants can be carried air freight. Airline carriers have rules and regulations regarding the plants that you will need to be familiar with.
Contact the department of agriculture before moving any plants across state because many states have rules and regulations that forbid entry of certain plant. Mostly because new pests can destroy cash crops.

In the weeks coming up to the move take care of your plants to ensure they are strong enough. If you must leave your plant, consider taking some cuttings which are small clippings of your favorite plants. These clippings can remain in good shape for several days until you arrive at your new destination. You can then replant these in peat or vermiculite with plenty of water. Be careful if you ask the moving company to move plants in the winter or hot summer days because it can be very damaging to plants at temperatures below 35 and above 95 degrees.
On the day of the move place the plants in a large box separated by wrapping paper. Tie cane to support larger plants to minimize damage and the likelihood of breaking. The most important thing to do is keep your plants moist throughout their journey. If you need to box your plants make sure to put some air holes in the boxes. House plants can survive without much light for up to one week without a negative impact if other conditions are favorable such as temperature and moisture level in the soil.

Garden Plants

moving gardenIt is also important to consider if the plants will even survive in their new habitat as the climate and soil may be very different to the plants preferred living conditions. Garden plans are a little more difficult to move simply because you have to dig them up, move them and then replant them in your new location.
On the day of the move dig up the garden plants around the roots in a circle. The root ball can be placed in a plastic bag with a pest strip. Make sure the soil is moist around the ball. When you arrive to your home replant your plant as soon as you can.