moving sale

Moving Sale is a great way to help you with your moving process. You can really kill two birds with one stone; get rid of the stuff you don’t need any more, make some money out of it and save on your moving bill, since you don’t have to pay for packing, extra space in the truck or time to move it. Below you will find some very helpful tips on how to organize and execute a successful moving or garage sale.

Work out your family’s wish list:

garage moving saleStart with your common area of the house. Go over your belongings in the living room, hall, kitchen, garage and attic to determine which items you no longer want that have intrinsic value. Ask yourself if you are going to need it in your new home and if someone else might have a better use for it. You will be surprised how many things you store in your house that you have absolutely no use for.
Separate the items you are taking with you to your new home from those you decided to sell. Pack small items in the moving boxes, to make sure you won’t sell something you need by accident.
Sit down with your family members and come up with a wish list of new items you would like to buy for your new home after the move. Get an idea how much it will cost you and price your items during moving sale accordingly.
Ask your kids to go over their own stuff and see what they would like to sell. It will keep them involved and help them to learn some organizational skills.

Set up you moving sale:

Choose the date very carefully. You probably want to host your moving sale a week or two before your move. The best time is weekends, people have time off work to come visit your sale. Make sure to check weather forecast, it won’t be a very successful even if it will rain all day long.
Advertising is extremely important for successful moving sale. You can see garage sales posters all over the neighborhood every Saturday and Sunday. While posters and free adds in local newspapers are fine, we are living in a digital world. Spread the word about your moving sale on the internet. You can find dozens of websites where you can post an event such as moving sale and attract a lot more attention and customers than regular moving sale poster.
Prepare your items for sale by tagging each individual item with its price. Don’t just leave it there hoping people will come to you for a quote. Some customers may be shy and wouldn’t want to engage in a conversation about pricing, but if they see the price and like the product, they will buy it from you.
Make sure you have some cash to make change. If you are in doubt whether you have enough or not, go to the bank and get some more, it’s always better to have more and not use it, rather than less and find yourself in the situation where you wish you’d have more.

Companionship and teamwork:

Make sure everyone in your family is involved. Give everyone an assignment, but make sure they can handle it. You can ask your children to greet customers and offer them assistance if needed. Put your wife or husband in charge of collecting money and you can supervise everyone and answer customers’ questions.
Keep in mind your pricing strategy, people who shop at moving sales are looking for good deals and expect to negotiate the price of an item to a very minimum. Your strategy should be to price all of the items about 10-15% higher in the anticipation to lower the price if requested by your customer. That way you will meet your moving sale’s estimated gross income and make your customers happy by giving out 10-15% discounts. Make sure to inform your customers that all sales are final, no refunds or exchanges allowed. Chances are you will end up with several unsold items at the end of the day. It’s okay to have leftovers.

Unsold items:

There are several ways to dispose of those items that weren’t sold at your moving sale:
The easiest way would be to donate it to a charity. You may find yourself having plenty of clothing and shoes leftover, just take it to your local charity store and donate it. They will provide you with reimbursement paperwork that you can use to write off some taxes at the end of the year.
The other popular way that has proven to be very successful is to sell your leftovers on the internet. You don’t need to have a lot of computer experience to post an auction or add in classifieds online. It may take some time though, anywhere from a few days to a week and you will need to pack and mail your items to your online buyers. It definitely worth a try if you have several items that worth more than $20.00 in used condition. If you don’t know the market value of your items, you can easily look it up on the internet.


Gather your family and thank everyone for the job well done. Finalize your earnings and compare them to your estimated income. You can decide whether to spend money on new things you’ve put on your family’s wish list or to use the money towards your moving costs. Either way you will be ahead of the game.