waterbed movers and packing

How to Move Your Waterbed

If you can’t find a receipt from the time you purchased your waterbed, you might need to get a current retail price before selecting an insurance plan from your moving company.
If you need a replacement price rather than depreciated insurance, your movers will be able to provide you with that upon request.

Preparing your waterbed for moving:

Draining and Disassembling Your Waterbed.
The time that you need to disassemble your waterbed will vary depending on the size and make of your bed. Read your instruction manual very carefully before you attempt to drain the water from the mattress. If you don’t have the manual you can try to search for it online, on the website of the manufacture. Waterbeds usually come with pretty strict instructions on how to operate your bed. If you don’t want to break or damage your bed, follow the directions in the manual.
Allow some time to finish draining before you start to disassemble your waterbed. Moving companies ask customers to drain mattresses at least one day prior to moving date.
You have to unplug the mattress heater and let it cool before draining the water out, because the heater can damage or melt the mattress.

moving waterbedIf you are going to store your mattress for more than a month:

You should add mattress conditioner to the water in the bed a couple of days before moving. It will stop mold and mildew from growing. Use a vinyl cleaner on the outside of the mattress.
How to drain waterbed mattresses:

Straight siphon method – can take up to an hour and can be used for “free flow” mattresses.
Utilizing faucet adapter and drain pump – takes about three hours depending on your water pressure and type of mattress.
Utilizing an electric pump - available at waterbed stores, draining take about half an hour.
Get as much water out as possible, if you press down on the mattress and see water coming out, continue draining. Place your cap and plug on the mattress hole right after draining to ensure a vacuum-packed seal. If you have a motion-reducing mattress, you must be very careful while draining and moving it.

The mattress is drained and sealed:

Fold it into thirds from the head and folding towards the foot of your bed. You have to be very careful not to shift the baffles out of place, but if you do, try to reposition then. Baffles can’t be misplaced when the time comes to fill the mattress up with water. You can put the folded mattress with blankets in a moving box. Make sure it will not be at risk of being damaged by other items in the moving truck.