moving your wine collection

Your Personal Wine Collection

You have invested a lot of money in your wine collection and you should make every effort to protect your valuable collection during the relocation. It is not very hard to transport wine collection if you plan the move ahead and utilize professional help.

The very first thing you should do is to get your collection officially appraised. There’s no way to do it yourself, so you should find professional wine appraiser to help you with that task. Qualified appraisers do charge pretty high fees for their services, most likely you will be given an hourly rate; however you may ask for a flat rate if you feel more comfortable with that. Keep in mind that your moving company does not employ a wine appraiser and you should make arrangements yourself at least a week before the move. Make sure to take plenty of pictures of your collection, especially of rare and expensive wine. You may never need to use these pictures, but in case of loss or damage, you will have photograph evidence of your entire collection. Make sure to mention or show your moving consultant your wine, so he can make special arrangements to prepare for the transportation.

Your moving representative will provide you with the high-value inventory form to make sure you get maximum protection for your collection during transportation. Do not agree to $0.60 per pound insurance, it is very minimal protection that will not make you happy in case of any problems. Most professional movers will offer you a replacement protection for your valuable wine collection; it’s your best choice, since it offers complete protection against any losses or damages. You will be asked to provide a copy of your appraisal, so the insurance company can figure out the premium.

It’s not a secret to anyone that the older the wine the more delicate its flavor and the more expensive it becomes. Sudden changes of conditions may ruin the taste and appearance of your collection. Most experts will tell you that the best temperature to store and move your wine is 54-56 degrees. Keep that in mind if you are moving during hot summer. Your collection will not be safe in the truck, since temperature inside the van may rise up to 110 degrees during hot summer days. If you have a choice to move in the beginning of spring or the end of autumn, it will be your best choice, since the temperature stays cool, under 60 degrees in most states of the country. If you have to move during summer, you should consider getting a special truck that has climate control in the van. Another way to move large and rare wine collection is by air, you can have your movers to pack and load your wine in the truck and drop it off your local airport, upon arrival to the airport of the final destination your movers will send a truck to pick the shipment up and deliver it to your new home. If your collection isn’t big and can be fit in your car, you may consider moving it yourself, since you will have climate control in your own vehicle.

Packing is very important as well, if you are not sure whether you can properly pack your entire collection yourself, have your movers do the job for you. Movers will utilize specially designed boxes and packing techniques to ensure the safety of your wine. Keep in mind that even if you take extreme care and use maximum protection for your wine collection, “bottle shock” may occur during or after the shipment. You should let your wine to rest for at least 2-4 weeks after the collection has been relocated.